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Web del proyecto: http://www.gourmetkazoo.com

Descripción del proyecto: Europe is home to millions of independent food & wine producers, each working hard to maintain traditions hundreds of years old. Their stories are priceless & dedication to quality unmatched. Yet, they struggle in a world dominated by big retailers, mass production and low cost.

How does a small producer in Europe take control & promote their story & products to global consumers?

The gourmetKAZOO solution lets these producers:

1) participate in an online gourmet community, build profiles to share their stories and interact with consumers around the world

2) sell directly to international customers using our marketplace solution

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  • 4525peignoir dice:

    Ene 11th, 2010

    As a french working in the US I would love to get quality food from europe for special events, Gk would be great to make a difference!

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