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Web del proyecto: http://www.fatstudent.co.uk

Descripción del proyecto: FatStudent is a web application that helps higher education students in the UK cope with the financial pressures that University brings. We help students where they need it the most earning and saving money. We do this through our video and location based student job and discount boards. Where we allow students to showcase their softskills in a 30 second video; a priority for most student jobs.

Additionally by focusing on the student community we are creating a platform for businesses to better target this important demographic and its 12Bn GBP in disposable income.

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  • 5761lalari dice:

    Feb 6th, 2010

    del asco tu pendejada como todo lo que haces, vota muchas veces por el, no vas a ganar obvio.

  • 5763lalari dice:

    Feb 6th, 2010

    beware of supporting this musaraña, you do not know the person’s class that is

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