The entrepreneur advantage: training

By Jose on 02.03.2010 // 10:41 am in General

The entrepreneur’s road is hard and full of obstacles, nevertheless, since hundreds of people start for this road every year, there must be some advantages to be found. Leaving aside the personal development aspect, that is the satisfaction of being your own boss or the –relative- freedom of establishing your own working hours, truth is that self-employment has other advantages, for example training, to begin with.

We are not discovering anything new if we say that training is essential for any project’s development and especially growth. Nevertheless, the training area is one of the most neglected ones by most companies, specially the smallest ones. Most multinationals do have career development programs for their employees who can thus improve their CV and add knowledge “at zero cost”. The percentage of people working on this area decreases proportionately to the company’s size. The reversion of this trend is in the hands of the businessman himself and the worker.

At the end of the day, an entrepreneur can choose the time and resources he wishes to allocate to training and just because he or she is self-employed, he or she has access to a training offer that is not available for everybody. In this sense, the various self-employed workers associations periodically publish the courses this type of workers can access to. Moreover, those who have chosen to create a company and appear as workers of such, can also be trained at almost zero cost, or at least partly subsidized. In order to achieve this, the only thing they have to do is use the amounts included in every employee’s payroll as continuing training and which the company and/or employee can make use of afterwards if they wish so.

In Spain the Fundación Tripartita explains the steps a company has to follow to apply for these training subsidies, together with the subsidized courses that normally refer to official degrees in the case of masters. In fact the Foundation even has a special section for SME’s support that can be very useful for entrepreneurs.

Even though most entrepreneurs already have a busy agenda, to devote at least a couple of hours to study the subsidized training alternative is worth it, since we must not only focus on short-term work. Sometimes, important things, or in the case of training, strategy, should go before urgent issues.

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