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Happy workers are more profitable

By Jose on 26.05.2010 // 1:07 pm in General

One of the keys to a company’s good performance is that employees’ performance is also good. An in order for the employees to perform, they must be happy with their job and tasks. As they say, workers are the company’s main assets.

What can we do so that workers are happy with their job? The question is not exactly right, it should be: what can we do so that workers are happy at the workplace? It’s not about having a laugh in the office, the main thing is that employees are happy at work. Unfortunately, in many occasions employees don’t have a passion for their jobs,  and that’s normal; what they want is to receive recognition.

And, what can we do as businessmen to achieve this? What makes employees happy is a good working environment, good chairs, natural lighting, good  temperature… apart from these elements, measures to achieve this depend on the amount of money the company is willing to invest, because it clearly is an investment. A simple solution that makes the office environment considerably better is for instance to have a proper coffee maker instead of a coffee machine. It might seem foolish but workers will feel you care about them.

Many of the contracts signed between a new employee and the company include sections on social benefits which can be restaurant vouchers, discounts for the gym or travel agencies, etc…

For John Hunt, Spain’s General Director of the ILO, happiness at work is “having a decent job, with safe working conditions, where the worker’s rights are protected, and where health and suitable training are guaranteed. If these requirements are not met, the worker is far from being happy”. Many might think that Mr.Hunt’s statements are obvious, but it is not so.

One of the most controversial issues between companies and their workers are working hours. Whenever  possible an agreement on the working hours should be reached, considering the employee’s performance . Of course this can not be done individually since in many occasions several people must be at the office (for example at lunch time), but this kind of measures contribute to workers’ happiness, and their performance.

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