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Saving and being a green business

By Jose on 24.05.2010 // 1:00 pm in General

The latest fad among multinational companies is to give a green image, pointing out what measures they are taking to save energy and to look for the environment. These measures normally entail saving of electricity and transport, two of the main ways of emitting CO2 into the environment.

These measures, which might seem trivial, save more money than you might think. Some of them are really obvious, but nevertheless useful for saving purposes in the middle and long term.

Turning the computers off when the working day is over might seem foolish, but if you don’t turn computers off, the time they are on without being used is longer than the actual time you are working with them. This also applies to all electronic devices that don’t need to be connected during the night, like lights obviously. Regarding lights, the best thing a company can do is to use low-energy light bulbs.

Natural light has proven to be much more beneficial than artificial light, so if possible, lights should be off and the workplace disposition should take profit of natural lighting. Moreover, workers are much more productive when the work environment is not stuffy, and that can only be achieved with good ventilation.

The use of printers is in many occasions excessive and unnecessary; if only necessary documents are printed, paper saving will increase. And when there is need to print, both sides of the paper must be used. Another good idea regarding printing is to adjust the printer’s options so that the fewest amount of ink is used. And we must not forget that cartridges can be recycled.

In countries like Spain, where temperatures vary widely between the summer and the winter, to properly regulate the office thermostat helps saving energy in air conditioning and heating. In order to achieve this, a perfectly isolated workplace is essential.

Moreover, if you have a website, all measures you take for a less polluted world should be underlined . Using this channel transmits your clients that you are a company with an ecological conscience.

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