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Being the first one and jumping into the void

By Jose on 23.01.2010 // 11:02 am in General

During the last event Café & Finanzas (a networking event held at Madrid) of the year, Marc Vidal, Cink general director, and Julen Basagoiti, BZMK NEXA chairman, talked about management skills in Internet companies. They also described some of the qualities any entrepreneur should have.

During his intervention, Marc Vidal told three stories which had had an influence on his management and entrepreneur work. One of the stories was about a friend of his who had undertaken the titanic struggle of changing life in a favela, and how a few of this man’s friends (him among them) had warned him about the unlikeliness of achieving his goal and had asked him to focus on more productive tasks. The man’s answer was clear: someone has to be the first one.

The ‘moral’ of the story is very simple: we can not wait for someone to undertake for us. When someone has a business idea, s/he has to try to implement it instead of looking for excuses to postpone its launching. Even if our idea looks overestimated, if we don’t start working on it we will never know what would have happened. The results might not always be what we wished for, but empirical knowledge based on experience and trial and error also works in the business world.

People who submitted their project to this BBVA Open Talent second edition have also been through the process of hesitating over their idea and its launching. However, they have also proved that all entrepreneurs have initiative. Having an idea is obviously not enough, to perform previous checks is always necessary (what is basically known as a business plan). However, sometimes we must be audacious and jump into the void (within certain limits).