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415 projects received during BBVA Open Talent’s first stage

By Jose on 07.01.2010 // 12:29 pm in General

We are very satisfied with the successful reception of BBVA Open Talent’s second edition. We are thrilled to inform you that we have received 415 entrepreneur’s business plans during the projects submission stage. We are currently working to select the projects which fulfil the requirements established by the program rules and on January 1st we will announce which are the projects that go into the public voting stage.

From January 1st, a new stage starts: the projects can call for votes using a voting widget and all users can participate and vote for their favourite projects. The voting stage will last until February 15th. The 10 projects receiving most votes by the community, together with the 10 projects selected by BBVA investment committee, will get through the final stage. Up to 3 investments of up to 100,000 euros will be awarded and the most voted project will win a prize consisting in a trip to a USA entrepreneur’s event where 16 prizes more, specially useful for start-ups, will also be awarded. We just want to thank all of those who submitted their projects and all the people who helped make this entrepreneurs support initiative widely known. We encourage you to keep on participating from January 1st and we announce that we are preparing more initiatives to dynamize the big community of entrepreneurs which is taking shape around BBVA Open Talent.