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Topics for the projects of the second edition of BBVA Open Talent

By admin on 30.10.2009 // 6:49 pm in General

We will shortly announce the start of the projects submission period for BBVA Open Talent second edition. But before that, we wish to explain some things about the topics we want the entrepreneurs to focus on in this occasion. This time, we would like that the submitted projects have already started to perform, whether they have a beta, a service prototype or a business plan that adequately reflects the development strategy to be followed.

BBVA Open Talent wishes that the submitted projects focus on the following matters:

Projects that develop new capabilities or possibilities to improve or implement new models of means of payment through the Internet / mobile and on web format.

Tools or features that improve the management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to increase their productivity, efficacy and profitability.

Cloud Computing consists in using the web as a basis for the use of computer technology. We believe this is an area where we will see interesting and good business models in the next years. Its main advantage is the adaptation capacity of online applications and services to meet the different user needs. Indeed, this is one the trends that will be analyzed this year in SIMO, a technological fair that takes place in Madrid.

Projects related to the development or improvement of Internet / mobile financial applications for different technology platforms and in which new features or synergies which take into account end user requirements will be implemented.

Web format projects covering all types of digital businesses focused on implementing new business models, on meeting needs of specific targets or just on improving productivity or efficacy for traditional non-digital models.

BBVA Open Talent launches second edition

By Jose on 26.10.2009 // 12:54 pm in General

The first edition of BBVA Open Talent that took place in the first months had such a good reception that BBVA presents now the second round of this program that provides help for entrepreneurs. The first edition added up to 375 projects and registered 140.000 votes from the community. Pidecita was finally the winner of the contest. We expect to surpass that numbers and to do so we are going to extend significantly the reach and consequently the support to the projects presented by entrepreneurs.

This second edition of BBVA Open Talent will be international and will have as much as three investments up to 100.000 euros in the projects selected by the community and the committee of BBVA investments. One of the new features is the introduction of a price for the project with more popular support from the community. The reward will be economic support to become the reporter of Open Talent in one of the most renowned events about entrepreneurship in USA.

We want to present the best innovative projects that need the support it can provide BBVA with three investments of up to 100,000 euros. This time looking for projects already in operation or that can show they have already started its journey for example with the completion of a business plan.

We want to stress the international dimension of this second edition of BBVA Open Talent. We are especially interested in projects developing outside Spain because we are also searching talent in other countries we can give them the support they can BBVA be very important.

This way we start a new stage of BBVA Open Talent. Be aware because in the next days we will start the acceptance process and announce the rules and deadlines for this second edition of the program of support for entrepreneurs BBVA.